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Shibboleth is a web authentication system similar in some ways to Pubcookie, though having more features and additional complexity.

On August 1, 2013, CMU Computing Services is scheduled to replace its current Pubcookie-based web authentication service with one based on Shibboleth. Protected pages served by will start using Shibboleth for authentication on July 22, 2013.

If you manage protected content served by You do not have to do anything. SCS Facilities will be making changes to the servers that will allow Pubcookie directives in existing .htaccess files to continue to work.

If you are a administrator for a SCS web server: If that server currently uses the Computing Services Pubcookie server to protect content, you will need to switch to another authentication service.

Note: The SCS WebISO service ( is not affected by these changes.

Shibboleth-related documentation

Verifying the Shibboleth login pages
Shibboleth uses different URLs and has a different appearance than Pubcookie. This page has screenshots and information about the URLs to help you verify the authenticity of the Shibboleth login pages.
Using Shibboleth to protect content
An introduction to using Shibboleth directives in .htaccess files and Apache configuration files to protect content.
CMU Web authentication services
Single sign-on Web authentication services available to SCS hosts, and an overview of their features.
CMU Computing Services Shibboleth documentation (off-site link).
Some of this documentation may not apply to SCS hosts
Shibboleth wiki (Off-site link)
Main Shibboleth documentation site. Has some advanced usage information.