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Solaris support

We provide support for the following versions of Solaris:
  • Solaris 10 (AFS systype sun4x_510)

Hardware support

Please contact if you plan on purchasing Sun/Oracle hardware, in order to get the latest quotes and discuss Facilities support options for the hardware you buy.

Newer versions of Solaris do not support some of the older Sun hardware.

Please contact us if you have any hardware problems with Facilities-supported hosts.

Software environment

Supported Solaris hosts run the Facilities software environment. Most SCS-specific and user-contributed software is in /usr/local. The following resources describe some features of this environment:
Unix/Linux quick reference
Gives a brief overview of some common questions when using Facilitized hosts
Unix/Linux local system administration guide
Detailed information about some of the special procedures that one should follow in order to perform various system administration tasks on Facilitized hosts.
Managing local software with Depot
How to use Depot to manage the software in /usr/local.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

If you have a software or hardware problem with a supported host, you should contact SCS Facilities for assistance. The local Solaris FAQ has answers to some common Solaris-specific questions.

Additional information

The following off-site links will open in an new browser window:
Frequently Zephyred questions
Answers to many common questions about using and troubleshooting Unix/Linux at SCS.
Sun Microsystems Solaris[tm] Product Information
Data sheets, white papers and other information about the Solaris operating system.
Sun Microsystems BigAdmin
Information for sysadmins on a wide variety of topics from Sun.
Sun-related news and information.
The Solaris[tm] 2 FAQ
The Solaris FAQ from Usenet.
The Solaris[tm] Security FAQ
How to make your Solaris host more secure. Please consult with SCS Facilities before making these changes on Facilitized hosts.
Inside Solaris[tm]
Information about Solaris internals.
Solaris[tm] 2.x - Tuning Your TCP/IP Stack and More
How to increase your Solaris host's network performance. Please consult with SCS Facilities before making these changes on Facilitized hosts.
Questions and Answers on OpenBoot
OpenBoot is the firmware in Sun's boot PROM.
Sun NVRAM/hostid FAQ
Booting information for older Sun hardware.
Pre-compiled Solaris versions of various free software packages.
SunOS and Solaris version timeline
Historical information about when Sun released various versions of SunOS and Solaris.