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The master collection list

To determine existing collections, dosupdepot looks at the master collection list, located in /afs/cs/data/swmaint/Collections. Only collections included in that list are considered, and if any collection is missing a coll.conf file, the machine will not run depot that day. In the case of a fileserver outage, depot will not run, thus preserving the contents of /usr/local. (Previously, when dosupdepot looked in individual collections for the coll.conf file, a fileserver outage could result in the loss of large parts of /usr/local, since dosupdepot proceeded without knowledge of affected collections.)

Be aware that if a collection in the master list is broken in some way (for example, it lacks an alpha, beta, or omega release area for a platform listed under "systypes"), then any machine for which that collection is broken will not run depot. For example, if a collection is missing a beta release on sun4_55, then any beta-release sun4_55 machines will not run depot until the problem is fixed.