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Linux upgrade guidelines

If you wish to have your machine upgraded to a more recent version of Linux, please send mail to and be sure to include answers to the following questions in the mail you send:
  • Is there enough free disk space? You must have at least 30 gigabytes of disk space in your computer. The installation procedure will partition the disk into system and user partitions. The system partion will need at least 30G to make sure there is enough space for future upgrades. The remaining disk space will be used for user partions.
  • Does any user data need to be saved? If you have data on the computer that you would like to preserve across the install, make sure you mention this in the upgrade request. Also, if the data is in partitions other than /usrN (/usr0, /usr1, etc), please make sure you identify it, and specifically describe it in the upgrade request. Be aware that software built for one linux release may not work on a new one without recompiling.
  • Does the machine run special services? List all services you would like to have enabled on the computer once it is upgraded. You don't have to mention default services such as afs, kerberos, standard depot collections, etc. You should mention services such as NFS mounts and exports, NIS authentication, local and/or special depot collections, licensed software, etc. If you are unsure, it can't hurt to mention it anyway; the more information we have, the easier and faster the upgrade is.
  • What accounts are needed? Please list any and all accounts you would like to have on the computer. Also, list any accounts that need to have a local root instance added to ~root/.klogin.local.
  • Are there any special requirements? Please mention if there is anything special about the computer. For example, if the computer is a laptop, and you would like to have it configured for DSL as well as the CMU network. Also, if you plan on using any special hardware or software you have purchased, for example, a recently released graphics board. This will give the us a heads up for the upgrade, so we can be prepared to do custom work.