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Microsoft Campus Agreement licensed software

Microsoft: Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA) products

Carnegie Mellon participates in the Microsoft Campus Agreement, an annual license agreement that provides the following software to University owned computers and, with restrictions identified below, to personally owned computers.

Note: FrontPage, Publisher and Visual Studio were dropped from the MSCA in 2003. The decision to do so was made by unanimous vote of representatives of colleges and groups that share the cost of this license. Starting February 1, 2003, all copies of these applications must be removed from computers on which they are installed, unless they are covered by another form of Microsoft license. For copies licensed under the previous MSCA, the following alternatives exist:

  • Use a renewable license for Visual Studio or other products provided by membership in the MSDN Academic Alliance. See the SCS MSDN Academic Alliance software license page for more information.
  • Faculty, staff, and graduate students can purchase a shrink-wrapped copy of the software (includes permanent license, manual, media, upgrades for a specified period). To check current prices, view the CMU Computer Store web pages or call x8-2636.
  • Purchase a permanent license for the product at the Computer Store under the Select for Education program license option. Note: This option is only available to available to faculty and staff and does not include media or manuals.

Products covered under the MSCA from February 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004:

  • Microsoft Office Standard or Professional for Windows (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word).
  • Microsoft Office for Macintosh (Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint, Word).
  • 32-bit operating system (upgrades only): Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP Professional.
  • Microsoft Core Client Access Licenses (CALs) include Client Access Licenses for Windows Server, Exchange Server, Systems Management Server, and SharePointTM Portal Server.
    Note: Microsoft has grandfathered licenses for Windows Terminal Services Client Access Licenses in a number equal to the FTE value from our 2003-2004 Microsoft Campus Agreement. Request licenses at Microsoft's Terminal Server Licensing web site. Email for further information and assistance.
    Note: Client Access Licenses (CALs) for SQL Server and Terminal Server are not included, nor are the server licenses themselves. Licenses for the servers listed above can be purchased without CALs at the CMU Computer Store under the Microsoft Select for Education license program.

Microsoft products that are not on the list above are sold at the CMU Computer Store under the Select for Education program or as shrink-wrapped products. This includes Windows 2000 Server licenses and SQL Server client licenses. Contact the Computer Store for information about this program.

  • License holder: Computing Services.
  • Quantity licensed: Covers all University owned/leased Macintosh and Windows computers and one computer of either type owned by a student, faculty or staff member.
  • Available for: MacOS, Windows.
  • Who can install it: Faculty, staff, students.
  • Eligible equipment: University owned/leased computers on campus/at home. One copy of each application can be installed on one personal computer owned by a student, faculty or staff member for their sole use for business purposes.
  • Type of license: Annual; July 1 renewal.
  • Cost to users: None.
  • Getting access to it: No special access is required.
  • How to get it: Download Windows version from \\Monolith\pc_dist. For MacOS version, contact
  • License code required: Yes. They are provided with the media or in the ReadMe file.
  • Getting help using it: Email
  • Restrictions: Faculty and staff must have at least 1/3 time appointments. University employees and students are allowed to install one copy of each product on a computer at home for their sole use, irrespective of whether such computer is a desktop computer or a portable computer and located on the campus or in their home.
  • Individual use rights available upon termination: Faculty and staff: None. All copies must be deleted upon termination of affiliation with the University. Graduating students are given right to perpetual use of the software without right to upgrade or to receive technical support. Students must obtain a Microsoft Campus Agreement Student License Confirmation form prior to graduation. If you do not receive this form by the end of June, email

Patches, bug fixes, and information about Microsoft products can be found at