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Making a purchase

Purchase requests should be submitted using the Purchase Requests Web Form.

All purchases of technical equipment, both capital and noncapital, must be arranged through SCS Computing Facilities if the cost, including shipping, exceeds $1,000.

On this page:

Before you submit your request

You will need to have all the necessary supporting documentation before submitting your order. To purchase items through SCS Computing Facilities technical procurement you will need the following information:

  • The product/part you wish to purchase, including the name of the vendor and any quote you may have received for the item.
  • The quantity of the product/part that should be purchased.
  • An Oracle string for the purchase. Note: Capital equipment purchases cannot be made on Oracle strings that are within 90 days of their final close.
  • The timeframe in which you need the item.
  • If your equipment purchase will exceed $2,500 and you are buying with government funds from a nonpreferred vendor
    if your equipment purchase will exceed $5,000 and you are buying with University funds from a nonpreferred vendor,
    you must obtain competitive bids and complete pages one and two of the Purchasing Checklist and Bid Summary form [offsite link, will open in a new window]

Place your order using the Purchase Requests Web Form.

If you are purchasing a computer

If you are purchasing a PC, see our recommended PCs page for tested configurations that work well in our environment. With other configurations, you may encounter support issues under both Windows and Linux. In particular, some varieties of PC hardware do not work well under with older versions of Linux/Unix. Please verify that your hardware is compatible with the operating system you plan to install in order to minimize potential problems.

For questions regarding a computer purchase, compatibilty or upgrade, please contact,

Receiving your purchase

When your order has been received (and tagged, if its value exceeds $1,000), you will receive e-mail notifications with the pick-up location. Purchases must be picked up within 30 days unless special arrangements have been made with us, or they will be returned to the vendor.

Purchases may be picked up in Wean Hall 3613 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Photo ID is required.

If you have purchased a computer ...

... your notification will include the following additional information:

  • The CMU asset number of the host (if the cost exceeded $1,000)
  • The URL for the Netregister form you will need to obtain an IP address for the host
  • The URL for the software installation form (PC and Mac versions) to request installation of an operating system and application software

Depending on what services you want, you should perform one the following actions:

  • If you want SCS Computing Facilities to build your new machine with the standard Facilities environment for your chosen OS and to install it on the SCS wired network, complete both the Netregister and software installation forms.
  • If the machine will reside on the SCS wired network, but you will install OS and application software yourself, you need complete only the Netregister form.
  • Fill out neither form if you do not want Facilities to install the host and it will not connect to the SCS wired network.

All laptop purchasers must fill out an off-campus equipment authorization form [.pdf] before receiving their machine.

Installation request forms

SCS Netregister form
This form is used to obtain an SCS hostname and IP address for a machine.
PC installation/upgrade request form
This form is used to request the installation of a PC that runs the currently supported Windows and Linux operating systems.
Mac installation/upgrade request form
This form is used to request the installation of the currenlty supported version of OS X on a Mac.