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Printing to SCS Public Printers in NSH and EDSH

SCS Computing provides support for all public printers across SCS, along with infrastructure that allows printing from Linux, Windows, and Mac hosts. The printers in Newell Simon Hall and Smith Hall use a different print queue from the other public printers in SCS.

Getting help

If you have difficulty with a printer, you can call SCS Computing's Operations team at x8-2608. We can provide 24x7 help with many printer problems, such as being out of toner, routine paper jams, etc. More severe printer problems will need to be handled during normal business hours. You can also send mail to to report printing problems.

How to

An SCS account is needed to print to a SCS printer. You will be required to use your SCS username and SCS Windows password. If you do not know your SCS Windows password please contact the SCS Help Desk for assistance.

  1. Register your CMU photo ID on the SCS printer network (will only have to do this once)
    • Tap ID on printer:

    • Enter SCS username and SCS Windows password on screen:

  2. Connect your computer to the NSH and EDSH SCS print server using the following queues:
    • Windows: \\\Public
    • Supported Mac using Self-Service: Public-NSH
    • Unsupported or Personal Mac: smb://
    • Supported Linux: lpr -P public
    Detailed instructions to add the NSH/EDSH print server:
  3. Print
    • Send job to printer queue
    • Tap ID card on any SCS printer in NSH or EDSH:

    • Select "PharosPrint"

    • Select jobs you want to print. Select "Print All" for mulitple jobs"

    • Collect print job from tray on the left side of printer

    • Logoff machine by pressing "Access" twice"

If you have questions about your SCS email account status contact the SCS Help Desk (x8-4231) or send email to