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SCS Public Printers by Location

The following is a list of public printers maintained by SCS Computing Facilities. As we are currently in the middle of a large upgrade to the printer system, it is important to know the correct settings for upgraded/non-upgraded printers.

Newer printers use a centralized print queue system, so if you have set up one public print queue you can print to all printers on that same queue. Older legacy printers must each be set up individually.


All of the listed public printers can print double-sided pages ("duplex"), and all of the new public printers can print in color. In addition, some printers have additional capabilities:

  • COPY - can be used to make standalone copies
  • FAX - can be used to send faxes
  • SCAN - can scan documents to digital format
  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition is supported when scanning
  • TAB - Tabloid, capable of printing to 11-inch by 17-inch paper, in addition to letter size

LocationType of PrinterPrinter Name
(Legacy only)
Setup Instructions
(Print Queue)
300SCRG 208New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
300SCRG 283New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
407SCRG 104Legacyscrghciicolor3COPY -SCAN -TABLOIDMonolith
407SCRG 200Legacydust - - - -TABLOIDMonolith
417SCRG 211Legacyamber - - - - -Monolith
EDSH 235New Public QueueCOPY -SCANOCRTABLOIDPublic (Raft)
GHC 4212New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 5101New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 5404New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 6107New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 6604New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 7029New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 7604New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 8206New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
GHC 9206New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
NSH 1100Legacyboulder - - - - -Monolith
NSH 1509New Public QueueCOPY -SCANOCRTABLOIDPublic (Raft)
NSH 1509New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDPublic (Raft)
NSH 2501New Public QueueCOPY -SCANOCRTABLOIDPublic (Raft)
NSH 3202New Public QueueCOPYFAXSCANOCRTABLOIDPublic (Raft)
NSH 3508New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDPublic (Raft)
NSH 4102New Public QueueCOPYFAXSCANOCRTABLOIDPublic (Raft)
NSH 4200Legacynsh4200colorCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDMonolith
NSH A007New Public QueueCOPY -SCANOCRTABLOIDPublic (Raft)
WeH 3111New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
WeH 5133New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public
WeH 5333New Public QueueCOPY -SCAN -TABLOIDSCS-Public

This list does not include all printers in SCS, but just those printers that are either "global" to SCS computing or are "owned" and/or operated by SCS Computing Facilities. If a non-public office printer (not listed here) is managed through SCS Computing Facilities, these will use the legacy ("Monolith") printing instructions. Though a printer may have more than one name, the name used in these listings is the one used in the main SCS printer database for that printer.

Historical content from the old printer list can be found here. (This may be removed or replaced in the future as printers are replaced.)