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Printer Setup for Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Initial Printer Setup

(The initial printer setup needs to be done once.)

In order to print on OS X v10.6 the following steps should be taken:

  1. Open SYSTEM PREFERENCES in Applications
  2. Click on ACCOUNTS under the System subcategory.

  3. Click on LOGIN OPTIONS, then on the JOIN button. If you already have a network account server set up it will say Edit instead of Join.

  4. Enter for the server and press the OK button. You may be prompted for the administration password.

Installing and Configuring Printers Mac OS X

Click on the Apple () in the menu bar. Highlight and click on "System Preferences..." Now select "Print & Fax" under the "Hardware" heading.

Click on the plus sign (+) to add the appropriate printer

Click on "Default" (if not already selected) to bring up a list of all the available open directory printers. Search for and select the desired printer then click on "Add" once it is highlighted.

SCS printers and model type sorted by location can be found here:

Now select the appropriate options the printer has installed such as duplex (double-sided) printing. In this case, duplex printing and a stapler are two available options. Click on "Continue" to complete the printer setup.

Printer setup is now complete.

Changing Options of Already Installed Printers

If you want to change the options of a printer already installed, select "Options & Supplies..." in the "Print & Fax" system preference pane.

Within the "Driver" tab you can change the printer driver as well as any accessories. Click "OK" to confirm any changes made.