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Mac OS X printing

In order to reliably print under OS X the following steps should be taken:

  1. Enable LDAP in Directory Access.
  2. Disable NetInfo if enabled.

Enabling LDAP

Our Macintosh printing infrastructure utilizes Apple's Open Directory software to share printer and queueing information with client Macintoshes. To utilize this a host must have LDAP enabled in its Directory Access settings. This is detailed below.

The Directory Access configuration utility can be found in /Applications/Utilities/Directory Access. When opened the windows appears as such:

The Directory Access configuration utility may look slightly different on your system depending on which services you are using. To make changes click the lock icon in the left hand corner, highlighted above. This will prompt for your username and password.

Once authenticated the lock will appear unhinged and the configuration utility will undim. Check the box to the left of the "LDAPv3" service name and click the "Configure..." button at the bottom of the window:

A new window will open up as seen here:

Add a new server by clicking the "New..." button, highlighted above. This will create a blank server profile like so:

There are two pieces of information that must be filled in. First for the "Configuration Name" enter "SCS". Secondly for the "Server Name" enter "". The information entered should appear as follows:

Click the "OK" button, highlighted above, in the right hand corner to save this information. This will bring us back to our original window. Click the "Authentication" tab as highlighted below:

This will open a window similiar to the following:

From the pull down menu at the top of the window choose "Custom path":

To add the OS X server to the path click the "Add..." button as highlighted:

This will present a second window. Highlight "/LDAPv3/" and click the "Add" botton as seen here:

This will update the search path to look like the following:

Be sure to click the "Apply" button in the right hand corner to save your changes. You may now close the Directory Access utility.

Now the system is set to request printer and queueing information from the SCS OSX print server. When adding a printer there will be several printers listed as "Open Directory". These printers are being provided by the Facilities OS X print server:

Disabling NetInfo

NetInfo is part of our legacy OS X printing infrastructure. It has been replaced by LDAP. If not disabled there is a risk of system instability. It should be noted that once NetInfo is disabled all printers added via NetInfo will no longer work. These can then be deleted and readded once Directory Access has been configured to use LDAP. If your printers were added using LPD/LPR they should continue to print normally after NetInfo has been disabled.

To disable NetInfo open the Directory Access configuration utility in /Applications/Utilities/Directory Access. To make changes we need to unlock the utility by clicking the lock icon and authenticating:

Uncheck the "Netinfo" service and click the "Apply" button as seen below:

NetInfo is now disabled. You may close the Directory Access configuration utility.