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Planned Power Outage - Gates Hillman, Newell Simon, Smith and Hamburg Halls - 11/19/2013

All power to Gates Hillman, Newell Simon, Smith, Hamburg and some other campus buildings will be shut down for eight hours this coming Sunday, Nov. 24th. The shutdown will last from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. The UPS units in SCS offices and labs are incapable of providing power for eight hours. So the advice to occupants of all three SCS buildings affected is to shut down your computing equipment when you leave for the day Friday or Saturday.

SCS Computing Facilities expects to be able to keep the main Gates machine room operating throughout the power shutdown. The building is equipped with a very large emergency generator which is designed to carry the power loads for both the servers and the air conditioning systems in that room. However, this is the first time we've had this type of extended power outage in GHC, so it may become necessary to shut down some or all of this machine room in order to keep temperatures under control.

In addition, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., SCS Computing Facilities will be taking this opportunity to perform a software upgrade on the Gates machine room network switches. This upgrade will result in intermittent loss of network connectivity to machines in the Gates machine room, and will make some services unavailable for part of this period.

All project machines and project web servers located in the Gates Machine Room will experience an intermittent loss of network connectivity for part of this maintenance period. Also, the following services will be unavailable for part of this maintenance period:

  • Webmail
  • AFS user volumes
  • LINUX6.GP, LINUX7.GP (LINUX8.GP will be available)
  • Windows Terminal Server
  • Instance Manager and password changes
  • Applygrad
  • BlackFriday / GSAudit
  • License Servers for MATLAB and Pro/Engineer
  • SCS Help Page search
  • Mailing Lists (messages will be queued and then delivered once service is restored)
  • Net Register
  • SCS People Directory
  • SCS URPT (University Review, Promotion and Tenure)
  • Web Reports
  • Windows Software Update Service
  • SCS Faculty Hiring
  • Speakersclub
  • Project sites hosted out of AFS
  • LTI Department Web Site
  • CSD Department Web Site

After the Network Maintenance has completed, a minor update will be applied to the IMAP servers which may result in a brief service interruption. No mail will be lost as it will be queued for later delivery.