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Network Maintenance: Wired & Wireless Networks July 25-27, 2012

SCS Computing Facilities has received the following service outage notification from Andrew Computing Services:

(Please note that the SCS wired network will not be affected by this outage.)

***To verify the authenticity of this message, visit Computing Services Outage News at ***

(US Eastern Time)

DAY: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

DATE & TIME: July 25 - 27 from 6:00 - 7:00 a.m.

AREAS/BUILDINGS AFFECTED: Multiple; see below.

Computing Services staff members will perform maintenance to the university's wired and wireless networks during the time periods listed. It is expected that actual outage times will be closer to 15-20 minutes during each outage period.


Throughout the course of this maintenance, you will not have wired or wireless connectivity. The lack of network connection means you will NOT have access to many services throughout the course of this maintenance (e.g., email, calendar, Internet connectivity, etc.). Likewise, individuals will not have access to services hosted on servers within your building. This work will affect the availability of many services which rely on Internet connectivity, including the following: Computing Services cluster machines; Andrew workstations; Email; Webmail; Andrew Calendar; Andrew Printing; MyFiles storage; Department MyFiles storage (DFS); Unix, Linux and Sun4 .andrew server pools; Virtual Private Network (VPN); Network Registration System (NetReg); Wired connectivity; Wireless connectivity; Web publishing: AFS, CMS and AWPS; Carnegie Mellon Web Portal, including event calendar; Directory Services (LDAP); Software license servers.


Wednesday, July 25

201 North Braddock

211 South Craig

300 South Craig St

311 South Craig Street

317-319 South Craig Street

407 South Craig Street

417 South Craig St.(fls-2 3)

4170 Second Avenue

4609 Winthrop Street

4615 Forbes Ave

4616 Henry St.

4700 Fifth Avenue (dorm)

4902 Forbes Ave

5045 Margaret Morrison St

55 Broad Street - New York Tepper

6555 Penn Avenue

Alumni House

Baker - Porter Hall

Boss Hall (dorm)

Bramer House

Collaborative Innovation Center

College of Fine Arts

Dithridge Street Garage

Doherty Apartments (dorm)

Doherty Hall

Donner Hall (dorm)

Elliott Dunlap Smith Hall (Bldg B)

Facilities Management Services Building

Thursday, July 26

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg A (1091 Morewood Ave)(AEPi)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg B (1085 Morewood Ave)(SAE)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg C (1079 Morewood Ave)(PKA)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg D (1077 Morewood Ave)(KAT)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg E (1071 Morewood Ave)(KDR)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg F (1069 Morewood Ave)(PKT)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg G (5033 Forbes Ave)(BTP)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg H (5031 Forbes Ave)(DU)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg I (1055 Morewood Ave)(SN)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg J (1057 Morewood Ave)(SPE)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg K (1063 Morewood Ave)(KS)

Fraternity Quadrangle Bldg L (1065 Morewood Ave)(TX)

Gates Center / Hillman Center Complex

Graduate School of Industrial Administration


Hamburg Hall

Hamerschlag Hall

Hamerschlag House (dorm)

Henderson House (dorm)

Hunt Library

Margaret Morrison Apartments A (dorm)

Margaret Morrison Apartments B (dorm)

Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall

Margaret Morrison Plaza

McGill Hall (dorm)

Mellon Institute

Morewood Gardens A-D (dorm)

Morewood Gardens E (dorm)

Mudge House (dorm)

Friday, July 27

Newell-Simon Hall

Parking Garage

Pittsburgh Technology Center

Posner Center


Purnell Center

Resnik Hall (dorm)

Roberts Engineering Hall

Roselawn Terrace 1, 3, 5, 7 (dorm)

Roselawn Terrace 10,12,14,16 (dorm)

Roselawn Terrace 2, 4, 6, 8 (dorm)

Roselawn Terrace 9, 11, 13, 15 (dorm)

Scaife Hall

Scobell Hall (dorm)


SEI-Sterling Plaza

Shadyoak Apartments (dorm)

Shirley Apartments (dorm)

Software Engineering Institute

Spirit House (dorm)

Stever House

University Center

University Technology Development Center

Warner Hall

Wean Hall

Welch Hall (dorm)

West Wing (dorm)

Whitfield Hall

Woodlawn Apartments (dorm)

Please direct any questions or comments to the Computing Services Help Center (412-268-HELP or or to your departmental administrator or DSP consultant.

Computing Services

Carnegie Mellon University

Thank you for your attention,

SCS Help Desk