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SCS Facilities Support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

SCS Computing Facilities is pleased to announce the addition of Linux support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for 64 bit systems. Supported Ubuntu Linux hosts will now run the new SCS Dragon computing environment.

What's new with the Dragon Computing Environment:

* Depot no longer controls /usr/local:

One of the more significant changes from the previous Facilitized Unix/Linux computing environment is the change to where SCS-specific software is located. Depot now controls SCS specific software in /usr/cs. This means that users can now compile packages for installation into /usr/local with no interference from depot.

* SCS Facilities packaging and management of the local Ubuntu release is much more light weight

Local additions live mainly in /usr/cs.

/usr/cs/bin is added to the default PATH.

* Extensive use of vendor supplied packages

For interoperation with the local environment we install vendor supplied versions of AFS, Kerberos, SSH. However, we do provide SCS specific configuration updates for these vendor packages.

* Kerberos 5 now supported

As part of the ongoing efforts to phase out support of Kerberos 4, the Dragon environment only supports Kerberos 5.

The addition of SCS Facilities support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is a direct response to the valuable feedback provided by the user community obtained through the Linux Survey. The new Dragon computing environment, also in response to that user feedback, is a significant departure from the old Facilitized computing environment. The new environment will allow the user more autonomy in managing, administering and installing vendor packages/applications while still knowing their machine is being maintained and supported in the background by SCS Computing Facilities.

For more information on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Dragon please see the Help Pages at . If you would like to have your system installed with the new offering, please use the PC Installation form to request this new OS.

If you have any questions about this operating system, please contact the SCS Help Desk at x8-4231 or send mail to

Thank you for your attention,

SCS Help Desk