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SunOS 4.x support phaseout

July 6, 2003

SunOS 4.1.4 (aka Solaris 1.1.2) was first released in November, 1994. SCS Facilities support for the SunOS platform will be phased out January 1, 2004. This change is due to several factors:

  • Sun Microsystems no longer supports SunOS, and has not supported SunOS for several years.
  • Security and other system patches are no longer available for this platform.
  • Very few SunOS systems remain in use and continued Facilities support of this outdate software is no longer practical.

The most immediate user-visible effect of this support drop will be that we will no longer do network backups of SunOS 4.x hosts as of that date, in large part because our new backup system does not support this operating system. In addition, SunOS 4.x hosts will not receive any software patches, including critical security patches. Services in need of such patches will be disabled in cases where they pose an operational security problem. No further re-installs of SunOS 4.x hosts will be performed in cases of disk failure.

In general, users who are currently on facilities-supported SunOS machines should consider moving to either Solaris or Linux as their supported platform. In the coming weeks, all users on SunOS machines will be contacted to determine their best upgrade path. Options for users on SunOS machines include:

  • Upgrading their existing hardware to Solaris, which may or may not be possible depending on the specific hardware in question.
  • Migrating the functionality of the SunOS machine to another existing machine.
  • Upgrade the existing hardware with new hardware running Solaris.
  • Continuing to run on existing hardware without support from SCS Computing Facilities.