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Wireless networking


Support for wireless networking is provided by CMU Computing Services, not SCS Computing. Your host needs to be registered with Computing Services in order to access the CMU wireless network. In order to access certain SCS-specific services, an SCS account is required.

Personal/project wireless access points

Personal wireless access points are banned on campus. In cases where the device is being used for a specific teaching or research application, Computing Services will work with faculty to determine whether there are circumstances under which use of the device may still be accommodated without causing interference to Wireless Andrew users.

Restrictions on using wireless connections

Note: Wireless is not meant to be a substitute for wired networking. High-bandwidth connections should not be run over the wireless network. The TiBS archival backup service will not perform backups over the wireless network. The Druva data protection service will sync your data via any wireless or wired network.

How to register a host for wireless networking

  1. Go to [this link will open in a new window].
  2. Once you have entered the registration page, select Register new machine.
  3. Select wireless network and select Continue to go to the next page.
  4. Choose a hostname and select the WV.CS.CMU.EDU domain.
  5. Complete and submit the rest of the form.

Additional information

These off-site links will open in a new browser window.
Wireless Andrew
CMU Computing Services documentation about how to use and configure wireless networking.
Campus airspace policy
Campus guidelines for using the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio frequency that is used by Wireless Andrew
Guest Wireless Access
Faculty and staff can use the Event Manager to grant access to the wireless network for campus guests. (Andrew login required)