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IP Change Info


SCS Facilities is in the process of re-allocating the IP address space assigned to SCS. The purpose of the re-allocation is to allow us to use the features of IP routing more effectively within SCS and prepare the appropriate IP address space for SCS computers that will be located within the new Gates Technology Center.

The re-allocation of IP addresses will mean that many computers within SCS will have their IP address changed. The IP address changes will be done in small chunks over the next two years. The new IP address assignments will be based on the physical location of the computer. Most computers in SCS are currently using DHCP to obtain their IP information. For most computers using DHCP, the renumbering process will accomplished by a simple reboot of the computer. The reboot will cause the computer to obtain the new IP address and trigger an update of the DNS records. The computer should have full network connectivity once the reboot is complete.

Users whose computers can't obtain their new IP address via a simple reboot will be contacted to schedule a time when either their computer will be configured to use DHCP or when their computer will have the new IP address manually configured. We strongly recommend that all computers that can use DHCP to obtain their IP information be configured to do so.

How It Will Work

Users will be notified via email two weeks before it is time for their computer to be renumbered. Users will need to notify SCS Facilities by sending mail to or call x84231 within these two weeks if there are reasons why their computer cannot be renumbered at this time.

Users will be notified again via email immediately before the time period for renumbering their computer begins. Users will have 2 weeks to reboot their computer to install the new IP address. Users who have not performed the reboot after 1 week will again be notified via email. If any users have not rebooted their machine and installed the new IP address the day before the renumbering period ends a last warning will be sent via email.

Please note that unless other arrangements have been made, any machine which has not begun using its new IP address by the end of the renumbering period will have its IP address forcibly changed at that time. This change will at a minimum disrupt any active network connections; it may also result in the machine being unable to access the network until it is rebooted and begins using its new IP address.