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Configure and Administer SCS Equipment

NOTE: On December 3, 2014, a new application for configuring, administering and registering computing equipment was released. It was developed as single application to replace both the network registration (netreg) and PC/MAC installations forms. Please update any bookmarks accordingly.

Before attaching any computing equipment, including computers, printers, and any other networked devices, to the SCS Computing Facilities network, it must be first registered. All equipment on this network must obey the SCS Computing Facilities Network use policies.

The forms below may be used to register/request services for new equipment, update services for existing equipment, request to have new operating systems installed/reinstalled on equipment and request installation of Virtual Machine (VM) on desktop/laptop hosts. There are monthly support charges related to those services an asset is subscribed to.

Please note, you will prompted to authenticate prior to filling out the form. You may authenticate with your SCS or Andrew credentials.

Register new asset/equipment Update/Search/Remove existing equipment
Use this form to register and install services for new equipment                 Use this form to update or remove services for existing registered equipment                 
Request Virtual Machine Installation                 
Use this form to request installation of Virtual Machine (VM) onto existing equipment.                                  

Each of the options above generates a specially formatted mail message which is sent to SCS Computing Facilities to be processed. If you do not receive notification that we received your request within 2 working days, please contact the SCS Help Desk at to check on its status.