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Networking downloads

This page contains links to iPass, VPN, and other networking-related software for use by members of the SCS community.

iPass Open Mobile Client

The Open Mobile Client is an always-on client that runs on Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. You can use this client to connect to iPass capable and non-iPass capable wired, wireless, 3G, 4G, and Dial-up networks while traveling. Please do not use the client in Pittsburgh except for testing the client. Please do not use the Open Mobile client to connect to home networks and free wireless networks in Pittsburgh including the CMU wireless network.

Login with the Open Mobile client is the same as with iPassConnect, use your /remote instance and password.

  • Open Mobile Client for Android
      Using your Android device, tap this link to install the Android Open Mobile App:

      Android Open Mobile Client App

      After the app has been installed, tap the following Activation Link:

      Android Mobile Client Activation Link

      Select Open Mobile from the pop-up menu to activate the app.

      Note: On some devices, you may not be presented with a pop-up menu to activate the app. Try the following work-arounds if you do not see the pop-up window:

      1. Clear the browser defaults settings. If you are running OS 4.0 and above, you navigate to Settings -> Apps, or in 2.3 Manage Application -> All and select the browser application you use. Scroll down and tap the Clear Defaults button. Then try tapping the activation link from the downloads page again.


      2. Email yourself the link in html format, and then tap the link from the email on your device and select Open Mobile when prompted for which application to open it with.

Open Mobile Client Android User Guide (PDF file, about 310 KB)

Note: The first time you connect to an iPass Network, you will be prompted to enter your Account Credentials (/remote username and password).

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Software