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Mail Local Address Usage Policy

The following policy is to be used for all SCS users that are requesting mail local addresses after the Corvid implementation has been released.

When the email system upgrade has been completed the functionality we refer to as fuzzy name matching will no longer work, however, there is a solution. That solution is called Mail Local Addresses (MLA). All users will have had a number of "seeded" names that can be matched. To search for a listing of MLA's for a userid please refer to the help page link at All of our users will have been seeded with 10-15 addresses. If any of these addresses receive an email the system will forward the mail to the user. The user community will not have control over adding and deleting their own MLA. It will be the responsibility of the Helpdesk to add these addresses. The following criteria must be followed in order to add the new MLA for a user.

  • All requests will be submitted via an online form on our help website or in writing at the helpdesk.
  • No verbal requests will be taken over the phone or at the helpdesk
  • All addresses are given out on a first come first served basis
    • If two or more users request the same address the address will be given to the earliest time stamp that has been received.
  • If a user is adamant about wanting an address that is already in use, the Helpdesk will direct the user making the request to the user that has the address so that a request can be made to the current holder of the address in question. Facilities will not be the arbitrator of any address disputes.
  • The limit of MLA's that the customer may request in addition to their "seeded" addresses is ten (10) addreses. More than 10 are available on a case by case request basis and are subject to the approval SCS Computing Facilities.
  • All addresses must be in accordance with the Carnegie Mellon University Computing Policy.