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Configuring a Netnews client

SCS netnews servers support any NNTP-based netnews reader. Among SCS-supported email clients, for example, Thunderbird and Evolution (but not Outlook) can be configured to read netnews. Your choice of netnews server will depend on which platform you intend to use:
  • On a Facilitized Unix/Linux host:
    • For graphical clients, use the reader's configuration interface
    • For command-line clients such as Pine, set your NNTP server to be localhost. For example, put the following line in your .login file:
      setenv NNTPSERVER localhost
  • On a Mac or Windows PC, you have two options:
    • Use the host "DNNTP.SRV.CS.CMU.EDU" as your NNTP server (Most users will find this choice appropriate)
    • If you also have a Facilitized Unix/Linux desktop machine, you can use it as your NNTP server, which arrangement will be a bit faster than using "DNNTP.SRV.CS.CMU.EDU": Set the NNTP server variable in your client to be the name of your Unix/Linux host and also add the client's hostname to the server's /etc/dnntp_access file. Create the file, if necessary, with the hostname on a line by itself. See the "dnntpd" Unix `man page for details.
Note: Access to our NNTP servers is restricted to SCS hosts only. If you wish to read netnews via our servers from a non-SCS IP address, contact the SCS HelpDesk, <> or x8-4231.