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SCS Netnews Retirement


SCS support of netnews groups is being discontinued.

On Monday, June 10, 2013, the SCS netnews service will be retired.


After retirement, will there be any other way to read or post to SCS newsgroups?

No. After the SCS netnews service is retired, there will be no mechanism for reading or posting new content to the SCS newsgroups.

Old newsgroup content may still be available via the public IMAP folders on the Andrew IMAP server and/or via the Computer Club newsgroup server.

How can I get access to the kinds of content that used to be on the SCS newsgroups?

The SCS newsgroups generally carried:

  • Thesis talk announcements
  • Seminar announcements
  • Announcements of general interest to the community

Thesis talk and seminar announcements are available via the SCS Home Page in the News and Events section.

Announcements of general interest to the community are available via the SCS mailing list scs-all.

Other information, conversations, and notifications may also be available via other mailing lists. If you are using a mailing list to make an announcement or ask a question, please keep in mind the distribution of that list. The scs-all mailing list is only meant for announcements pertaining to the entire SCS community.

How is affected?

The Andrew bulletin board is not part of this retirement.

While the bulletin board is still being supported by Computing Services, you will need to change your method of access if you wish to continue using the bulletin board.

If you currently read with an IMAP client via the Andrew Cyrus IMAP server, you will not need to change anything, and will continue to be available as an IMAP folder.

If you currently read with a NNTP client (rn, tin, slrn, etc.) using the SCS newsgroup servers, you will need to with use an IMAP client to view the bulletin board via the Andrew IMAP server, or point your NNTP client at a different newsgroup server. One local option is the newsgroup server maintained by the CMU Computer Club.

How do I configure my NNTP client to use the CMU Computer Club server?

The CMU Computer Club's newsgroup server is named You will need to configure your NNTP client to contact the Computer Club server for retrieving and sending news posts.

Each NNTP client has different configuration options; consult your NNTP client's manual for details. For Linux command-line NNTP clients, one common mechanism is to set the NNTPSERVER shell environment variable to "" Different styles of Linux shell have different mechanisms for setting environment variables; check the shell's manual for details.

Computing Services has more information about reading an posting to bulletin boards on their about bboards page.

Can I still email posts to SCS news addresses?

No. All of the email addresses are going away when the netnews service is retired.

For example:

  1. email sent to will no longer be posted to (even though is still an active bulletin board, and can be accessed via other means)
  2. email sent to will no longer be posted to cmu.cs.general (as cmu.cs.general will no longer be accepting new posts)