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Mail Server Transition

This page is intended to help users who are transitioning from the old UX-based mail servers to the new Corvid email system.

On this page you will find instructions regarding:

  • How to forward your email so that email addressed to you is delivered to the new server
  • How to configure your email program to read the mail from the new server
  • How to move saved email messages from your old email server to the new IMAP email server, should you wish to do so.

Forwarding your mail to the new server

Your account has already been created on the new IMAP server, but our email system has not yet begun to forward mail addressed to [your user name] to the new server. In order to forward your mail to the new server:

Using Corvid:

Once you've done this, mail sent to [your user name] should be available on the new imap server in about a hour, sometimes sooner.

Note: You can usually tell when the change has taken effect because the volume of email you recieve on the old server will drop-off dramatically.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to configure supported email clients to read mail from the new server.

Moving old email messages

When you make the transition to the new server, old messages that you've saved from the old email server will not be lost as long as you retain the old configuration in your email client.

However, some users may wish to copy these old messages to the new IMAP server so that they can take advantage of the ability access these old messages from home or on the road.

While it is generally possible to copy old messages to the new server, there are several caveats:

  • Not all email clients can copy your messages from your old email configuration to the IMAP server. For example, currently, the supported command-line mail readers for LINUX (MH, Pine) do not have this functionality.
  • While the graphical LINUX mail readers (Evolution, Thunderbird) can copy individual mail messages, they do not have the ability to copy folders. Therefore, you can re-create folders on the IMAP server and then copy individual emails from old to new folders, but can not drag and drop the folder itself.
  • Copying email messages from one configuration to another is a very resource-intensive task and it is best to limit the number of messages that you copy at one time. There is no hard and fast number, but depending on machine and network resources at the time, copying more than about 500-600 messages at a time could crash your email program and possibly cause larger problems.
  • Note: If you have an exceptionally large number of folders or email messages that you'd like to copy to the IMAP server, call the Help Desk for assistance at 412-268-4231.

Instructions for copying messages to the new server are currently available for the following email programs: