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OSX Mail logo

Configure "Mail" for MacOS X - Phase I

The following procedure configures the native MacOS 10.4 (Tiger) "Mail" client to access your SCS email account.

Note: Before you can configure Mail, you will need a mailbox on the SCS Corvid mail system and a Kerberos mail-instance password. If you don't have a mailbox, or you aren't sure, contact <> or call the SCS HelpDesk, x8-4231. If you haven't yet created your Kerberos mail-instance, used only for mail access, follow the how to create Kerberos instances procedure.

If you are using the Mail client for the first time, or if no email accounts have been configured yet, the account-creation screen opens automatically, and you can skip the first two steps below.

If your Mail client is already configured to access incoming messages, you can jump directly to Phase II and secure your outgoing email.

Phase I - Access incoming email

  • General Info window Open Mail and click on the "Mail" menu, then select "Preferences"
  • Make sure the "Accounts" button is selected at window top, then click the "+" at the bottom of the accounts column to the left, which opens the "New Account" dialog
  • Enter the information as you see it in the example at right. Make sure to select IMAP from the popup menu, then enter your own information where you see "John Smith" and "jsmith". When you're done, click "Continue"
  • Incoming Mail Server window On the next screen, configure your incoming-mail server. Enter the information as you see it in the example at right, again using your own username and password, then click "Continue."

    Note: Here you should use your Kerberos mail-instance password.

  • At this point, a window may pop up asking you again for a username and password. Ignore this request by clicking on "Cancel" and returning to the previous window, where you should disregard any error messages and click "Continue."
  • Incoming Mail Security window Use the following example to configure the next window, selecting Password from the pop up menu, then click "Continue."
  • In the next window, indicate which outgoing (SMTP) mail server to use. Enter "," the SCS outgoing mail server, in the provided field, then click "Continue."
  • Account Summary Next you should see a window that summarizes your account information. Check it against the screen shot below and use the "Go back" button to fix any typos or omissions.
  • The next window gives you the option to import existing mailboxes or create another account. At this point you can simply click "Done."
Congratulations! You've successfully configured the Mail client to read your SCS email. If you encounter problems or have questions, contact <> or call the SCS HelpDesk, x8-4231.

On to Phase II

Next, to minimize security risks, be sure to complete Phase II, which enables encryption of outgoing mail.