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Outlook logo

Configuring Outlook 2003 for Exchange

Configuring Outlook 2003 to use the SCS Exchange server:
  • Ensure that you have an existing Exchange account. If you do not, please contact the Help Desk at or 8-4231
  • Open the Control Panel, then open "Mail"

  • Click the "E-Mail Accounts" button
  • Select the "Add a new e-mail account" radio button, then click "Next"

  • Select "Microsoft Exchange Server," then click "Next"

  • Enter the "Microsoft Exchange Server" name as "" Ensure the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" box is checked.

  • Enter the "User name" as your Windows Domain login name, then click the "Check Name" button - the username should be resolved to your actual name. If it does not, you either do not have an Exchange account, the name was entered incorrectly, or you are attempting this from an off-campus connection WITHOUT the VPN running
  • Click the "More Settings" button, then click the "Security" tab. Check the box next to "Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server", then click the "OK" button

  • Click "Next" (Note: you may receive a "Microsoft Office Outlook" notification when "Next" is clicked stating that mail will be delivered to a local Personal Folder. Click "Yes" to continue, but this option must be changed later)
  • Click "Finish" to complete this portion of the Exchange account setup

    If there was no delivery notification as listed above,
    the setup is complete. If you received the notification
    listed 2 steps above, you must immediately follow these steps:

  • If not already open, go to the Control Panel, open "Mail", then click the "E-Mail Accounts" button
  • Select "View of change existing e-mail accounts" then click "Next"
  • In the lower-left corner of the "E-Mail Accounts" window, change "Deliver new e-mail to the following location:" to "Mailbox - < username >"
  • Click "Finish" to complete the setup
The configuration of Outlook 2003 with the SCS Exchange server is now complete.