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Corvid - Uid Attribute

Also Known As

Implemented internally in LDAP as uid attribute

  • userid
  • login, login name, login id
  • username


The uid attribute is the primary identifier for an account in CMU SCS Facilities. It is used by our authentication systems to identify an account user.  It is unique identifier within the CMU SCS Facility.


Harry Bovik's uid is bovik.


Although the minimum is a single character,  we recommend having at least a three character uid.

The maximum length is eight characters.

The characters used to build a uid are lowercase letters, and digits. A uid of all digits is not allowed.  It is strongly recommended that a uid start with a letter.

We strongly recommend that our users have only one uid.  There is some expectation that for every user there is a single uid.

Recommended Values

If you have an account with the campus computing facilities ( we recommend that you choose your andrew id as a requested uid.

Although many users in the past have used their last name or first name as their uid, we currently recommend that you use your initials or your first initial followed by your last name.

A uid that might be considered offensive in english or any foreign language are very strongly discouraged. A request for such a uid will probably be delayed while we confirm the legitimacy of the request.

How To Change

The user indicates their top three choices for their uid when they apply for an account.  Although the Help Desk can change your uid,  it is very strongly discouraged.  If you want to change your email address, that can be accomplished independently of changing your uid.   Changing a uid is a cumbersome and time consuming process.  It may result in having your account being unuseable for a period of time during the change.

If you do request your uid be changed, we will ask why your current uid is not useable.  The following are reasons why in the past that we've granted uid changes

  • A legal name change
  • The old uid was an offensive word in a foreign language
  • We made a mistake in reading or entering the information from the account form

If you request a change in your uid, and any of the above apply please feel free to contact the CMU SCS Help Desk.