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Corvid - Preferred Email Address Attribute

Also Known As

Implemented in internally in LDAP as mail attribute

  • Preferred mail address
  • Email Address, Mail Address


The value of the mail attribute is an email address most commonly associated with a user.  This address may be a local or remote email address.

This address can be used by some email clients to translate a person's name to an email address.


Harry Bovik's mail attribute has a value of . This is an email address he might put on his business cards.


This field is not required.  If an account does not have the mail attribute set, mail will still be delivered.

An entry may or may not have this value set. If it is set, it can have multiple values.

The value must conform to email addresses as specified in RFC2822.  But we recommend that the length be less than 60 characters.

Recommended Values

This value can be either local address or a remote address.  It does not have to be an address of a mailbox on a CMU SCS facilities machine.  It can be your address or a mailbox address.

We recommend

  • You should choose an email address that is independent of a particular imap, pop, exchange server, or other local mail store for this value.
  • You should choose only a single email address, and avoid setting email addresses for this attribute
  • If your email is delivered to a local mailbox, we recommend either 
    • or
  • Short email addresses are generally better than long email addresses

How To Change

One way to change this value is to contact the CMU SCS Help Desk.