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Mac Software Management Tools

SCS Computing Facilities utilizes JAMF Software's Casper Suite of tools for Mac management. These tools enable the delivery of premium support options to the SCS Mac Community. All new hosts with software support deployed within the environment are enrolled in this service.

Some benefits of this service include:

  • Ability to launch simple user-directed OS upgrades
  • Access to all SCS software via a Self Service App Store
  • Easy search for and installation of SCS printers

Simply click the 'Self Service' icon located in the Applications folder or from the Launchpad on your Mac to get started.

Contact the SCS Help Desk at to enroll your software-supported Mac.

Self Service App Store

The Self Service App Store, found in the Applications folder or Launchpad on your Mac, is your gateway to the new suite of Mac-centric services offered to the SCS Community.

Software Installation

Access to all software provided to the SCS Mac Community is available via the Self Service App Store. In the Self Service App Store, you'll find all of our software packaged for use within the SCS environment. The licensing information has been bundled in to the installation package.

Upon launching the Self Service App Store, you will see our Featured software section that highlights the most popular and most recently updated applications used in our environment. The right pane of the Self Service App Store has a category listing that will facilitate software browsing. You also have the option of searching for an application using the search box located in the upper right hand corner.

To install software using the Self Service App Store:

  1. Click Self Service
  2. Click Install next to the application you wish to install (Additional applications are available by clicking All Apps
  3. When prompted, enter your password for your Mac

This will start the installation process, which can be tracked in the status bar window at the top of the Self Service App Store.

Printer Access and Installation

In the Self Service App Store you can browse all printers administered by SCS Computing Facilities.

To browse all available SCS printers, click All Printers in the right pane. To browse Public printers, select Public Printers from the right pane of the Self Service App Store. You may also search for printers by location by entering an office number in the search box in the upper right corner.

To add a printer, (ghc6604bw for example):

  1. Type ghc6604bw in the Search box in the upper right corner of the Self Service App Store
  2. Click i for more information about the printer or click Install to install the printer

You must provide your SCS Windows (Active Directory) domain username and password when prompted while printing.

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