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Note: As of December 2011, the Jeeves service is no longer available. Telnet has also been filtered at the SCS network border because of a vulnerability. Details

There are alternative methods of performing most operations previously performed using the Jeeves service. This page describes where to find these alternatives.


Changing your AFS volume quota

The fs command exists on facilitated Linux systems. The following command will show current quota use for a volume:

fs lq 
For example:
 % fs lq /afs/cs/user/bovik
  Volume Name                   Quota      Used %Used   Partition
  user.bovik                    50000     42766   86%         59%

The following command will set the quota for a volume:

remctl afs volume quota  

For example:

remctl afs volume quota /afs/ 50000

will set the quota for /afs/ to 5 GB.

The AFS volumes and quotas page has more information about AFS volume types and quotas.

AFS account operations

AFS accounts will not exist by default for instances other than the null instance (for example, bovik.root). In order to add this instance to an AFS ACL, an AFS account will need to be created for that instance. Please contact the SCS Help Desk by sending email to to have AFS accounts created or defined.


Creating new Kerberos instances

The Instance Manager should be used to create new Kerberos instances and change Kerberos passwords, if known. If you do not remember your Kerberos password, please contact the Help Desk to have it reset. More information about using the Instance Manager to create instances and change passwords is available on the using the Kerberos Instance Manager page.


Manage your email forwarding address

The Corvid attribute lookup page can be used to modify your Email Forwarding Address.

WWW-related operations

Managing your shortcut URL

Please contact the SCS Help Desk by sending email to for assistance managing your shortcut URL.

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1Note: As of Fall 06, new users get by default an account on one of the several machines accessed through the "" name. Contact <> with any questions or problems.