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Who we are...

SCS Computing Facilities staff provide most computing-support services for the School of Computer Science. We are a separate organization from CMU Computing Services. Please contact us for any SCS computing-related problem or request.

Introduction to SCS Computing Facilities Videos

Note: The intro videos are currently being updated for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year to reflect recent changes.

Useful Links

The following documentation may be particularly helpful when getting started:

  • If you do not already have an SCS account, see our accounts & passwords documentation for information on how to apply for an account.
  • This documentation frequently refers to different types of passwords (Kerberos passwords, Windows domain passwords, etc). The password overview has information about what these passwords do and how to get & change them.
  • There are currently big changes underway in how email is managed in SCS! See: General documentation on using e-mail in SCS.
  • You may wish to set up your home page. See our step-by-step guide for having a home page at SCS for instructions on how to do this.
  • If you will using Unix/Linux systems, you'll need to know something about AFS (at least enough to get around).
  • You will most likely have a "Facilitized" machine of some sort on your desk. See our platform specific information for details on what sorts of software will be installed on this machine:
  • If you are worried about whether or not your desktop machine is backed up, see our backup & restores documentation to see how to tell. Note that AFS home directories are automatically backed up.
  • Our printing documentation has lists of SCS printers, indexed by location and type, along with instructions on how to print.
  • Some sources of information about SCS and CMU computing:
    • Our online documentation (which you are reading now) is searchable and contains answer to many common questions.
    • CMU Computing Services (aka "Andrew") has extensive documentation on the services they offer to the university at large, at:

Download documentation in PDF format:

Please note that due to recent changes, this document is currently out of date and will be revised heavily in the near future.