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Backups & restores


We can provide network backups and restores for:

In order to receive backups, a host must be running an SCS Computing-supported and configured operating system. There is a monthly charge for machine backups.

Important note: Hosts are not placed into the backup system by default. Backups have to be specifically requested.

Backup Status Dashboard

You can check the status of backups and data protection for all of your subscribed machines using the Backup Status Dashboard (SCS login required). Additional information about using this tool is available here.

Restrictions on backups

  • We may not be able to provide backups for hosts with unusual software or hardware configurations, extremely large disks, or that have large amounts of data that change on a daily basis.
  • We cannot back up hosts over wireless, dial-up, or DSL connections.
  • We do not backup up databases, virtual OS images, or specific directories/files. Details.
  • On all platforms, the backup system is not able to back up open files. Therefore, it is important to close long-running programs (e-mail, calender programs, etc) before backups run in order to make sure that data files get backed up successfully.

Dual-boot hosts

We can provide backups for dual-boot hosts, but backups must be requested for each operating system for which backups are desired. Only the operating system that is running at the time backups are scheduled will be backed up. If you have a file that you know that you would like to be backed up please make sure that you leave your machine booted overnight into the operating system that the file resides on in order to increase the chances that it get backed up.

How to

Determine if your host is being backed up: Request a restore: