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Backup Status Dashboard


The Backup Status Dashboard allows you to easily see the status of archive backups (TiBS) and data protection (Druva) on all of your subscribed computers.

Accessing the Backup Status Dashboard

To access the Backup Status Dashboard, visit the following page in a web browser: ...which will redirect you to the SCS WebISO authentication server. It is important to log in to the SCS WebISO server using your normal SCS username and password.

The Backup Status Dashboard will look something like this:

You will notice three main sections to the page. The top section

shows the user who the status is being displayed. This should be you. The two drop-downs below allow you to select which machines are being displayed. The first drop-down lets you display either machines that have you listed as the primary user or machines that have you listed as any one of the contacts. You should normally select the "Primary User Only" option.

The second drop-down lets you display either machines which are currently subscribed to backup services, or machines which are currently or were previously subscribed (but are not currently subscribed).

The middle section displays the backup status information for the selected machines.

You will see the columns listed:

  • Machine Name: the name of the computer.
  • Directory: the top level folder that is being backed up. For the Druva Data Protection Service, this will be "Default" for the default set of folders and disks.
  • Last Backup Date: the date of the last successful backup for that machine and directory.
  • Last Backup Attempt: the last date a backup was attempted for that machine and directory.
  • Machine type: either Desktop, Server, or Mobile.
  • Status: defined in the status table further down the page.

The bottom section lists the various backup statuses and reasons why backups might be failing on a particular computer.

For more information regarding the status of backups or data protection on your computer, please contact the SCS Help Desk.