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How to contact us

To get help

There are several ways to get help from SCS Facilities:

  • Send e-mail to
  • Contact the SCS Help Desk by calling 412-268-4231 or visiting Gates Hillman Center 4201 between 9-5, M-F.
  • Call SCS Operations at 412-268-2608 anytime. This is also the number to call if you need help with printers (toner replacement, etc), or in case of emergency during non-business hours. The Help Desk number should roll over to Operations if the Help Desk is closed.

SCS Facilities takes care of computing-related support for the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science. If you have non-computing related requests, such as with office furniture or phones, contact Jim Skees ( If you have a problem with computing facilities maintained by CMU Computing Services (e.g. general-use Andrew cluster hosts), contact or call x8-help.

When sending e-mail to

When sending e-mail to, it will help us resolve your problem if you include the following information (where applicable):

  • The exact nature of the problem you are having.
  • The hostname, operating system, cmu asset number, location, and any relevant information about the machine on which the problem is occurring.
  • Whether or not the problem is of a time-critical nature. If the problem is urgent and you are sending e-mail to us, start the subject line with the word "URGENT:". It is recommended that the Help Desk be contacted directly for urgent requests.
  • How to contact you, if e-mail or your network is part of the problem.
  • If you are responding to mail from us, please do not remove subject line information of the form "Re: [HDNNNNNNNN]", since that automatically-generated information helps us dispatch your request.

Please do not send personal mail about a problem just to a particular staff member, since the person you are trying to reach may be on vacation or otherwise temporarily unavailable. Sending mail to also helps us track the progress of your request.

Other SCS Facilities mail addresses

Mail sent to the following addresses will be forwarded to

  • Plus a few other addresses

In addition, mail sent to the above IDs at any Facilitized Unix host will also be forwarded to

You will sometimes see addresses of the form "" (for example, used in this documentation. These addresses are also forwarded to, and the extra information in the address is used to aid in automatic dispatching of requests to the groups and individuals responsible for particular areas. If you do not know which "+ address" to use, you can always send your request to and it will be manually dispatched to the appropriate party. Dispatching is done several times per day, during business hours.