Mor Harchol-Balter is the Bruce J. Nelson Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. She received her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 1996 under the direction of Manuel Blum. She joined CMU in 1999, and served as the Head of the PhD program from 2008-2011. Mor is a Fellow of both ACM and IEEE. She is a recipient of the McCandless Junior Chair, the NSF CAREER award, and several teaching awards, including the Herbert A. Simon Award and Spira Teaching Award. She is a recipient of dozens of Industrial Faculty Awards including multiple awards from Google, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Facebook, Intel, Yahoo!, and Seagate. Mor's work focuses on designing new resource allocation policies, including load balancing policies, power management policies, and scheduling policies, for distributed systems. Mor is heavily involved in the SIGMETRICS / PERFORMANCE research community, where she has received many paper awards (SIGMETRICS 21, SIGMETRICS 19, PERFORMANCE 18, INFORMS APS 18, EUROSYS 16, MASCOTS 16, MICRO 10, SIGMETRICS 03, ITC 03, SIGMETRICS 96). She is also the author of a popular textbook, Performance Analysis and Design of Computer Systems , published by Cambridge University Press, which bridges Operations Research and Computer Science. Mor is best known for her enthusiastic keynote talks (recent examples: QTNA 19, YEQT 18, MIT LIDS 17, CANQUEUE 16, SIGMETRICS 16, ICDCS 15, GREENMETRICS 14) and her many PhD students, most of whom are professors at top academic institutions.