GenAMap Link

Oct. 2015 - Present
The proliferation of genomic data has increased the usefulness of complex machine learning algorithms for structured association mapping. Such methods can effectively relate genetic polymorphisms with phenotypes, but correct use requires algorithmic expertise to run code and domain expertise to analyze results. To overcome these challenges, the GenAMap software platform was developed and released in 2010.

Applicants.Club Link

Jun 2014 - Aug. 2014
This is a website aimed to help university applicants to write their statement of purpose/personal statement. We encourage each student to help each other. The responsibility of each student is evaluated and rewards are given accordingly.


Aug. 2012 - May 2014, MSBIC
This is the MSBIC entrepreneur 4 semester long course project, we originally decided to apply EEG to education market, combined with MOOC. By the end of first semester, We aimed to improve the feedback of online education with a motable EEG devive. In the second semester, we built demos and collected brain wave data to improve our devices. Then, in the third semester, we mainly focused on polishing our business model, Finally, we built our project.

CMU Summit Link

Feb. 2013 - Apr 2014
I served as the memember of organizing team for CMU Summit on US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship twice, as Information Technology Panel Leader and Vice Precisent respectively. Through these experience, I have built close relationships with many high-profile industry leaders.