Zhu, Haiyi

Ph.D. Student

Human Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

E-mail: haiyiz at cs dot cmu dot edu



I’d like to announce that I am very excited to be joining the computer science department at the University of Minnesota as an assistant professor starting from Sept 2015. Thank Bob Kraut and Niki Kittur for the best mentorship one could ever ask for. Can’t wait to work with all the fantastic GroupLens folks!!

I am now a last-year PhD student in Human Computer Interaction Institute at CMU. My advisors are Bob Kraut and Niki Kittur. I received a BA in computer science at Tsinghua University in 2009 and a master in human computer interaction from CMU in 2012.

My research combines social science theory, quantitative methods, and computational techniques (machine learning and statistics) to understand the principles underlying the large online social systems such as Wikipedia and Facebook. Download my CV here.


2014.02 - Winner of Facebook Fellowship 2014-2015!

2014.02 - Give a colloquium talk in University of Minnesota: Twin Cities.

2014.01 - Give a colloquium talk in Washington University in St. Louis.

2013.12 - 3 papers are accepted by CHI'2014; 1 paper is accepted by CSCW' 2014.

2013.10 - Win the Human Factors Prize 2013 (a $10K prize)! The prize recognizes excellence in HF/E research through an annual competition in which authors are invited to submit papers on a specific topic for that year. The topic of 2013 is social media.

2013.04 - Receive best paper honorable mention award from CHI 2013. Paper title: Effects of Peer Feedback on Contribution: A Field Experiment in Wikipedia.[download pdf]

2012.10 - Present in Emerging Ideas Series Seminar, Center for Collective Intelligence, MIT.

2012.10 - Give a colloquium talk in Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard.

2012.02 - Receive best paper honorable mention award from CSCW 2012. Paper title: Effectiveness of Shared Leadership in Online Communities. [download pdf]