CS294-3: Midsemester Questionnaire (Fall 97)

Based on 35 responses

QuestionAverage Score
The lectures are too slow (1), or too fast (5). 3.0
Would you rather see more detail on individual topics with fewer topics (1), the current level of detail (3), or less detail with more topics (5). 2.8
The lecture notes are not helpful (1), or very helpful (5). 4.2
The readings are not helpful (1), or very helpful (5). 3.3
The web pages are not helpful (1), or very helpful (5). 3.8
The assignments are too easy (1), or too hard (5). 3.0
For the purpose of helping to understand the material the assignments are not helpful (1) or very helpful (5). 3.6
The criteria for grading is unclear (1), or clear (5). 3.3
The class is badly organized (1) or well organized (5). 4.2

Some comments and suggestions:

More on parallel algorithms/implementations.

Readings on linear programming were too dense.

Copies of slides before the lecture.

Printed readings are better than online readings.

Lectures are hard to follow withouth having some previous knowledge of the topic.

Homework questions are bipolar in difficulty.

2 or 3 small projects instead of some of the homeworks.

Lecture notes are a must.