CS294-3: Algorithms in the Real World (Guy Blelloch, Fall 97)

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Topic 10: Clustering

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Topic Outline (Approximate)

  • Introduction
  • Application areas
  • Similarity and distance measures
  • Problems with clustering
  • Algorithms
  • Bottom-up (agglomerative) hierarchical techniques
  • Top-down (divisive) hierarchical techniques
  • Optimization techniques
  • Density search techniques
  • Scribe Notes

  • Clustering 1 (draft) (Josh MacDonald)
  • Readings

  • None
  • Text Books

  • Leonard Kaufman and Peter J. Rousseeuw. Finding Groups in Data : An Introduction to Cluster Analysis. Wiley, 1990.
  • Everitt, Brian. Cluster analysis (3d ed.). Wiley, 1993.
  • E. Backer. Computer-Assisted Reasoning in Cluster Analysis Prentice Hall, 1995.
  • Further Readings and Links

  • General Information
  • Journal of classification. A journal in which many articles on the subject appear.
  • Applications
  • Clustering in information retrieval.
  • An Application of Cluster Analysis and Multiple Scaling to the Question of "Hands" and "Languages" in the Voynich Manuscript.
  • Cluster Analysis of Benthic Communities.
  • Cluster analysis for market segmentation
  • Using Cluster Analysis to Derive Early Warning Indicators for Political Change in the Middle East, 1979-1996
  • Internet User Cluster Analysis
  • Clustering Algorithms for Sprinkler System Layout

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