15-110 Lab Information
Programming labs
Programming Lab 1Light Bot - For this assignment, you will play the Light-Bot 2.0 game in order to solve five puzzles7/1/137/3/13 Lab 1
Programming Lab 2multiple Ruby functions7/3/137/10/13 Lab 2
Programming Lab 3Algorithms7/10/137/17/13 Lab 3
Programming Lab 4hashing7/17/137/24/13 Lab 4
Programming Lab 5TBD7/24/137/31/13 Lab 5
Programming Lab 6TBD7/31/138/7/13 Lab 6

Problem Sets
Written Assignment 1From Chapter 1 of Blown to Bits7/2/137/5/13 PS 1
Written Assignment 2loops, searching and sorting7/5/137/12/13 PS 2
Written Assignment 3search and stuff7/12/137/19/13 PS 3
Written Assignment 4hashing7/19/137/26/13 PS 4
Written Assignment 5TBD7/26/138/2/13 PS 5