15-110 Questions and Answers


We will be using Classroom Salon as the place to organize documents and communications related to the course.

How to join Salon

-- go to  http://classroomsalon.org
-- click on "sign up" and use the registration code: cmu 
   to sign for an account 
-- login and search for salon "15-110N12" or 
   click here to join the salon. 
About Salon
The Salon is a collection of documents and users. All communications related to the course are conducted in the context of a document. For examplethe "general message" document is the basis for all communcations related to general messages. Or "FAQ" document contains answers to all questions. Users interact with salon by making comments.

Partcipating in salon
You particpate in salon by commenting and replying to posts. All comments made on classroom salon are public. However, you can always update/delete a comment to reflect your new thinking. Click here to see how to update/delete your comments.

Using Salon as your notebook
All comments made in salon are recorded in "My Notebook". Simply click on "My Notebook" from Salon->quickstart you will be able to filter and print all notes to study for exams.

More information about Salon use
Click here to see more details about how to use Salon in your class. Frequently asked questions and answers will be included in this document. Simply click on highlighted sections and read the answers given and join the discussion or write your own question here. Please use the tags like "discuss in class", "difficult to understand", "give more examples" etc.. We will add more tags as we progress through the course. As required we will add documents to this salon to reflect current needs of the class.

Remote access to AFS rescources from your computers
-- One of the ways to access CMU computers from your own machine is to connect using the instructions provided here. This will allow you to complete course work from your own computer.

-- Accessing Grades - All your grade files are stored in AFS under a special folder. For example, if your andrew ID is "guna" you can find your grade file in /afs/andrew/course/15/110-n12/grades/guna/grade.txt
-- to go to this connect to your andrew account from remote access. Then at the prompt type:
> cd /afs/andrew/course/15/110-n12/grades/YOURID
> cat grade.txt

RUBY REFERENCES This is a link that contains some basic Ruby commands that are useful in writing programs.