2007 GSA Volleyball

  • This is the same league as is listed the Volleyball (Faculty/Grad) for the IM department. If you signed up there, please check the enrolled teams link below (after Friday, February 3, 2006) and let me know if there are any problems. You should read this web page for all the information.
  • The season runs from February 11 until April 22.
  • Games are every Sunday between 5:30pm and 9:00pm (last game starts at 7:50pm).
  • All games are in the main gym in the old gym (Skibo) on Tech St (near Posner Hall/GSIA) (it's #10 on this map)
  • We play 6 on 6, but if on any particular week you are allowed to play with as few as 4.
  • All faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to play. Others (such as signifigant others) may be allowed to play,with the approval of the tournament director. To get in the gym, everyone must either have a CMU ID, or be listed on a roster. Spouses, etc. will not be allowed in the gym, to watch or to play, unless they are listed on a roster. No exceptions. It's not our rule, it's the school's. Undergraduates are not allowed to play (this is a constraint imposed by our funding arrangement with GSA). Contact Kevin Bowers if you have questions about this.
  • The purpose of GSA Volleyball is to provide an environment where teams can have fun and play to their level. While we would like people to play to the best of their abilities, we would also want to foster an environment of fun and good sportsmanship; in essence, a kinder, gentler volleyball league. We play because volleyball is fun!
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