My research focus is human-computer interaction through spoken dialog systems. I'm also interested in human-based computation and I incorporate crowdsourcing in my research.


Scrawl.in enables neighbors to discuss via hyper-local message boards in the cloud. It's a personal project which is still in its very beta version, but you can already have a look at it.


Humans adapt to each others at various levels during a conversation. LexE investigates how this phenomenon transposes to human-computer interaction, and how to use it to provide better dialog systems.


VoIP-enabled spoken dialog system based on Olympus architecture. It will be handling a subset of calls to the City of Pittsburgh 311 line.


Parent, G. and Eskenazi, M. Toward Better Crowdsourced Transcription: Transcription of a Year of the Let's Go Bus Information System Data. SLT 2010. [PDF]

Parent, G. and Eskenazi, M. Lexical Entrainment of Real Users in the Let's Go Spoken Dialog System. Interspeech 2010. [PDF]

Parent, G. and Eskenazi, M. Clustering dictionary definitions using Amazon Mechanical Turk. NAACL/HLT 2010 MTurk workshop. [PDF]

Dela Rosa, K., Parent, G. and Eskenazi, M. Multimodal learning of words: A study on the use of speech synthesis to reinforce written text in L2 language learning. SLaTE 2010. [PDF]


Parent, G., Gagnon, M., and Muller, P. Annotation d'expressions temporelles et d'événements en français. TALN2008. [PDF]

  • C/C++
  • JAVA

about me

I'm completing a two years master at the Language Technologies Institude at Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Maxine Eskenazi. I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal in 2009 with a B. Eng. in Computer Engineering. I love discovering new countries, and I'm a fan of scuba diving, paragliding and skydiving.