2012/13 Recipient
Jessica Virdo Senior
5th Year
2010/11 Recipients
Elise Gonzales Senior
Veronica Borges Navas
2008/09 Recipients
Kenechi Ufondu Sophomore
Elise Gonzales Freshman
Veronica Borges Navas Freshman
Alissa Briggs
Past Recipients
Aleata Hubbard
Caitlin Rawlins

Ethel Glass, Margaret Morrison '47

The forest is populated by trees of all ages, shapes and sizes. The smallest sapling and largest oak exist side by size, giving the forest a depth, beauty and perpetuity not otherwise possible.

The older trees provide life, opportunity and a calming shelter in which to grow. With time, the youngest trees, always individually unique, will assume their place and provide the same nurture to yet another generation.

Soils will change, climates will evolve – but the uniqueness of the forest continues.

The Glass Scholarships help students realize their fullest potential by making the forest a remarkable place to grow....