Gita Sukthankar

Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics Institute
Intelligent Software Agents Lab


Office: NSH 1602C

Research Interests
- Plan recognition
- Motion capture
- Human modeling
- Multi-agent systems

Gita Reese Sukthankar

As of fall 2007, I am an assistant professor (EECS) at University of Central Florida in Orlando.
My research is in the area of multi-agent plan recognition; currently I am working on the problem of recognizing tactical plans from spatio-temporal traces of military teams in urban settings. My thesis addresses the novel problem of recovering agent-to-team assignment for team tasks where team composition, the mapping of agents into teams, changes over time. I have also done research on the problem of recognizing human physical behaviors from motion capture traces, improving planning fidelity by modeling the physical capabilities of agents, and developing visualizations for live action gaming.

Personal Interests:

When I have time I sail, scuba dive, horseback ride, and travel.

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