Sara Gordon and Mark Adair were married on Friday, Feb 14, 2003 in the courthouse of Judge Kathy Nelson in Washington state.  The wedding was small and informal since Mark had just been told by the Air Force that he's likely to be sent somewhere soon.  The US government willing, I should have pictures of the big ceremony with all of the friends and family sometime later this year.  [Update: here are the new pictures.]

Sara and Mark on the way to the courthouse.

Sara and Mark waiting nervously in the courtroom.

Mom and Dad taking lots of pictures.

The couple in line before us (we'd never met them, but we were interested to see how their wedding went).

Judge Nelson explains how this whole thing works.

Filling out forms.

Now we get to the ceremony.

One ring...

Another ring...

Both rings together...

You may now kiss the bride.

And hug her too.

The next day we all went sightseeing around Puget Sound.

The sun even showed itself for us sometimes.

These are some of the protected sand dunes bordering the Sound.

More sailing.

No dogs allowed on the beach.