Updating user files: Frequently-asked questions

I have recently upgraded to FAST-MAP v1.04b and my old gels'
"settings" files generate numerous warning messages that can be
quite annoying after awhile.  Do you have any automatic means to
update the user files?

Yes, we have provided a function called :
      update_settings <nickname>
which will automatically update the study and gel "settings" files for you. Note that it will only carry over the gel- and study-specific settings (in Section 1 of the "settings" file). It will use default settings for all the other non-specific attributes.

As for the other user files such as "preferences", "markers", etc -- please update them manually. Hopefully this will not be too tedious as it is only a one-time affair. To help you, we have provided template user files in the "docs/" directory which are named "demo.preferences", "demo.markers", etc which you can copy to your "user/" directory and modify accordingly.

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