allele_view: Frequently-asked questions

I have set "Analyze_noisy_data" to "yes", but allele_view is not 
displaying the genotypes of the noise lanes.
"Analyze_noisy_data" tells allele_call to analyze the noise lanes. To have allele_view display the noise genotypes, you must set "Output_noise_genotypes" to "yes". This will also output the noise genotypes in the results files.
I have made several edits in a gel.  Do I have to "Save" before I move
on to another gel in a study?
No. Clicking on "SAVE" always updates the results for all the gels in the study. We recommend that you click on SAVE periodically, but you don't have to do so when switching gels.
How do I view a particular family in one window?
Type in the sample name in the "Name" box of any individual in the family, then click on "View Family".
Does FAST-MAP learn from the user-edited genotypes?
Not in FAST-MAP v1.04b. However, we are currently working on a learning module which will learn from the user edits in allele_view.

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