allele_results: Frequently-asked questions

I have used "allele_view" to edit some genotypes.  Do I need to call
"allele_results" to generate the new results files?
As long as you have saved your edits in "allele_view", the results files have been updated for you. You don't have to call "allele_results" again.
I'd like to have the results file output the noise genotypes, so I set
"Output_noise_genos" to yes.  Do I need to re-run "allele_call" before
I run "allele_results"?

 How do I collate the genotyping results of different panels        
running on different gels into one results file, sorted by markers?

You can set up a new study which has all the gels that you want to have the genotyping results collated into a single results file. These gels need not run the same panel, and they could have been independently analyzed in different studies previously. To generate the desired collated results file, simply invoke "allele_results" on this overall study:
Step 1: >> setup study OVERALL_STUDY
Step 2: a. In OVERALL_STUDY's "settings", set "sort_by_markers";
        b. In OVERALL_STUDY's "layout", include all the gels of interest.
Step 3: >> allele_results OVERALL_STUDY
        The file OVERALL_STUDY.results will contain the desired collated 
        genotypes from all gels, sorted by markers.

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