Garth Zeglin: Archival Content


In the Summer of 2001, I returned to Andrew's Leap, co-teaching a robotics section with Matt Mason.

In the Spring 2001 semester, with artist Peter Coppin I co-developed and co-taught a new course, Telepresence Art and Applications. It was a multi-disciplinary studio course in which we explored the use and creation of telerobots for human purposes. The course brought together artists and engineers to work in teams to develop functioning telepresence art pieces.

In the summer of 1995 I co-taught a robotics section for Andrew's Leap, a summer program for high school students at Carnegie Mellon. One of my groups worked on robotic animation.


I have played the trumpet since childhood, but my most significant training was seven years of classical trumpet performance study with Anthony Pasquarelli of the Carnegie Mellon music department. I've played in both classical and jazz groups, and I'm working on my jazz improvisation skills. I have a recording of a brief piece by Charpentier available (MPEG-1 Layer III format, 52 seconds, 817K).


I have a MPEG movie of my disembodied head spinning in space (89k). The range and image data on which this is based were collected with a Cyberware scanner in 1992.

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