David Garlan
Professor of Computer Science and Director of Software Engineering Professional Programs
Institute for Software Research
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15213
office:  Wean Hall 5126
phone:  412.268.5056
fax:  412.268.3455
email:  garlan - at - cs.cmu.edu
Administrative Associate:  Margaret Gasdick

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17-655 and 17-755:  Architectures for Software Systems
15-671:  Models of Software Systems
17-811:  Self-Healing Systems

Masters of Software Engineering Programs (MSE)

Dr. Garlan is the Director of Professional Software Engineering Programs.  The Master of Software Engineering (MSE) Program provides a unique environment for mastering the discipline of software engineering.  The goal of the program is to create the leaders of industrial software engineering practice:  the future chief engineers, head designers, principal technical officers of their companies.


Margaret Gasdick, Administrative Associate
Bradley Schmerl, Senior Systems Scientist

Current Students

Jeffrey Barnes, Graduate Assistant
Paulo Goncalves De Salazar Casanova, Graduate Assistant
Vishal Dwivedi, Graduate Research Assistant
Ivan Ruchkin

Former Students
Robert Allen
Shang-wen "Owen" Cheng
George Fairbanks
Charles Krueger
Richard McDaniel
Robert Miller
Robert Monroe
John Ockerbloom
John Pane
Vahe Poladia
Joćo Pedro Sousa
Bridget Spitznagel

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