RoboCup-2001 Simulation Soccer Events

Fun competitions. Great scienceTM.

Welcome to the main page of the soccer simulation events at RoboCup 2001. This page describes the scientific and competition events that will take place under the umbrella of RoboCup soccer simulation league. The page also contains important dates, contact information, news and updates, etc. Please monitor it for updates and changes.

Brief Description

The soccer simulation events consists of a series of scientific evaluations, competitions, and research demonstrations, of artificial intelligence (AI) and multi-agent systems (MAS) technology. All events utilize the RoboCup Soccer Server as the domain in which agents are to operate, in essence agreeing on a standard test-bed for experimentation.


Important Dates

Scientific Areas of Interest

(items in bold denote particular emphasis and unique opportunities this year)


This year's events are going to particularly emphasize the scientific nature of RoboCup activities, by

Events include:

Contact: Organizing Committee

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